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envisage applications

by projection size view as for walls, ceiling and floor decorative element and / or exterior of buildings of any size or use, or just the size of a table top, computer monitor screen or mobile telephone

could show well when projector/s are placed in such a way as to reflect such as this and other images off the surface of water, for example the top of a fish tank, pond, swimming pool or a dish of water

or images reflected off a floating mirror coated polyester film sheeting suspended ceiling curtain, moving in a gentle draft of fresh air

or just for amusement while metropolitan travelling, out in the country-side, while waiting for a meeting, or just to send to a friend __all on a 'mobile-phone'

as a part of the fabric of a handbag or wallet and as garment material, as backgrounds for screen and stage productions and any number of other possibilities . . . . .

try this one at home first, at night-time, by seeing what your kitchen walls and ceiling looks like if you fill the kitchen sink with cold water (stainless-steel sinks are brilliant). Then by using some very clear bright spot lighting ( 6 or 12 volt powerfull flash-light _ not mains electricity! ) or even better by using a projector or similar light source, artfully direct the light/s beam/s to reflectively play off the surface of water in the kitchen sink and to reflect off the kitchen ceiling and walls. Turn down the room lighting and turn up the projector or other spot lighting reflecting off the water
___then make ripples and bubbles to taste!

JavaScript blend transitions
provide gradual changes of colours into colours
__ click here to see illustration
from begining to end with background music during 4 minutes, that might be changed in transition duraton to 10 minutes or 10 hours to good effect as 'screen saver' or as mural size artworks

click here for list of other multi-media JavaScripts effects pages with images

digital artworks

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