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DirectAnimation is a set of multimedia controls and scripting methods that animate Web pages and provide integration with Dynamic HTML. DirectAnimation has comprehensive support for media types such as 2-D vector graphics, images and sprites, 3-D geometry, video, and sound.

The DirectAnimation controls provide access to many of the DirectAnimation scripting functions and libraries. These controls allow you to deliver impressive vector graphics, image, and animation content over the Web with little code and short download times.

The DirectAnimation controls consist of the following:

Path ControlMove objects around the page over time using splines, geometric primitives, text outlines or shapes that change dynamically over time with control over speed of motion, looping, forward or reverse playback, and bouncing behavior.

Sequencer ControlCreate complex sequences of action involving ActiveX™ controls, scripts, or dynamic HTML elements.

Sprite ControlAdd still and animated images to your Web page with control over playback speed, forward or reverse playback, dynamic seeking to different positions in the sprite playback, and user interactivity on a frame-by-frame basis.

Structured Graphics ControlAdd extremely lightweight vector graphics to your Web page, fully capable of being scaled or rotated in three dimensions, and then easily apply solid colors, patterns, gradient fills or bitmap textures to these graphics.

To see reference documentation for each DirectAnimation control, click here.

DirectAnimation can be accessed in different ways by different user groups. HTML authors can integrate multimedia using the DirectAnimation controls. Web authors can add animations (3-D, movies, sound, etc.) using JScript, VBScript, or Java.

The Microsoft DirectAnimation SDK provides documentation, samples, and tutorials to help users get up and running with DirectAnimation. The Exercises and Templates sections of the samples contain many small, simple scripting examples that perform one animation task and can be cut and pasted. For example, HWorldJS.htm demonstrates basic text animation as a windowless control. Crop.htm demonstrates a cropped animated image that overlays a variation of itself. Clrswtch.htm demonstrates using Visual Basic buttons to color an animation. DanTrapz.htm demonstrates rectangles with time-varying colors that chase each other along a path.

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