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    take me to your leader request by members of a small party of visitors to Metropolis Tourist Information, phased Trainee Manager Hilary Quibbley, recently graduated in Creative Reading Studies from the University of Metropolis, who said to our correspondent __ "They're new here, me too ! I felt they seemed to want to see our key-line manager, so guessed it safest to get them straight onto Customer Satisfaction.
I sat the brightest looking at my computer with the Search Engine and just left them to it. Then after about five minutes they started vanishing !" _ Our correspondent quizzed Chief Executive to Metropolis Tourist Information Visitor Care Services. _ "I don't quite know what you may have heard or misheard. I'm new here too, actually just started today. That's why I haven't a clue, if you read my meaning? Except that I couldn't possibly confirm definitely or indefinitely that The Prime Minister's Office passed the entire matter on to The Palace and e-mailed to that effect."

Tip from our Travel Correspondent Travellers' Phase Books should not be confused with Travellers' Phrase Books. Travellers' Phrase Books recommended as very often amazingly entertaining. Travellers' Phase Books come under Science Fiction and always entertainingly amazing.

Messages received from our Outer Space Correspondent who filed reports today from Metropolis by carrier pigeons saying that the local word is that 'take me to your leader' might have been 'take me to your reader' (?) probably both and/or 'vanishing' simultaneously in 250 words of Flash Fiction.

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Taxi driver makes fare comment that mostly all people in Metropolis are from somewhere else. "There's peace here and anyone can get on fine if they are a good egg".

"Letters of introduction can be just the ticket when travelling abroad..." _ ERATUM _
Our Society Correspondent has dispatched an urgent clarification note to the effect that 'just the ticket' is unwritten code slang for 'etiquette' and those who may have misunderstood the remark in previous issue should expect to pay fares as usual but are further advised to tip more heavily.

Leader caught up in tidal spin
If King Canute staged "the sea-shore event" to demonstrate the obvious; that some things are beyond the powers of control of a head of state; then it certainly missed the point. Bad harvests and economic disasters are usually, but not always, the consequence of the effects of weather conditions and thus are obviously beyond government by kings or any other heads of state. It may have been that onlookers at "the sea-shore event" missed the point of King Canute's joke as an unnecessary impertinence. Once that an out of context story gains sufficient circulation, then it does tend to be hard to contradict.

Fashionable scramble in 'presentational' trends for some to say that they feel 'humbled' to have achieved something by intention or otherwise; such as being honoured with an Award; might seem to say something about the speaker, but what? It might ring truer and it might be more polite to recognise the situation of the creditors of the Award and just be grateful to be honoured.

Brain storming session at conference to 'flag up' financial markets 'new products opportunities' reviewed some old ones including futures in tulips and carbon credits as discounted as 'been there and got the T shirt'. Martin Luther did it in for Papal Indulgences only because the Vatican failed to take an ethical weather check in the first place. Study groups almost unanimously agreed that the key factor for any sort of scam is sticking to 'illusion by allusion'. New delegates were urged by the chair "... to if possible, avoid old fashioned expressions such as 'absolutely' (too limited) and 'incredible' (obviously) in matters of prospects of new emerging markets."

Prid pro quo tip for head-hunters and job-hunters __ Asking not how high to jump, but which way to jump, could buy you time and intelligence about the intelligence of 'The Boss'.   Why work for a wage when you could just as well work for a compensation fee.

You are never alone with a drone assurance announcement by spokesperson from Quibbley Intelligence and Administrations Services. __ click here for awareness demonstration accessories motif ideas, possibly for accessaries to demonstrations and others.
'please smile for the cameras' wallet card motif for free

click here for some video illustrations about drones' issues

Drone Wars: What is the Cost?

See also 'Online Electronic Profiling'

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Police were called to deal with a 'minor incident' during live broadcast location filming about fund-raising documentaries. "Nothing that's fit to print." _ said senior citizen, who reportably had been standing on the pavement just watching the traffic, when asked what they said to the 'shlebrity' who offered to help them across the road. Local reports of what was overheard are unimaginably numerous and unprintable. Parting words were to wish or reporter well, with merry smiles and to "Be careful what you click for when just watching the traffic!"


Is it a bird or is it an airplane? __ Pigeon Post & Associates Inc and Aviation Logistic Ltd released agreement news, by carrier pigeons, of Trade Winds fares favourable for data delivery, freight transport and travel services at prices aimed to suit those who can afford the time and pay a little less for Aviation Logistics Limited Airships to take a load off your mind. Seasonal changes in direction and force of Trade Winds provide 'eco-friendly' airship transport efficiencies. For 'instant decision' travel and transport and for those who like to plan ahead for best value delivery, Year round, twenty-four hours a day. Services available via most transit locations World Wide _ depending on weather conditions. Whether over land or over sea an airship 'cruising' travel speed of 90mph to 110mph can be reduced for 'site-seeing' along the journey. Accelerated speeds for 'special deliveries' by arrangement. Cheaper than a plane and quicker than a ship airships can go almost anywhere. Collection and delivery of small packages of data-files, standard containers and palletised cargos are a speciality. Holidaymakers and other passengers can be assured of spacious accommodation and agreeable luggage allowances. _ Designed to allow for time and pay a little less.
see _ ADVERTISMENTS SECTION _ NEW MERCHANT BANKING FOR OLD _ Aviation Logistics Limited Airships

climate change effects create new view __ Locations World wide, mid-ocean and coastal, previously mapped as islands and now mapped as regions of shallow waters. Readers can view moorings investments prospects by www.google-earth.com __ Postcodes at most of the moorings properties are currently in suspension, so go by map references shown on older and newer World maps. Mrs Hudson says that anyone is welcome to call in at any time by arrangement for a cup of tea and a look at maps at Quibbley Cyber-Cafe, just off City Circus in Metropolis or write for details.

see _ climate change page


energy matters for the attention of readers and others who may be interested in exploring prospects of floating power stations.

Floating power stations may be moored at sea in places such as in estuaries, in places of strong water and wind currents that may powerfully drive electricity generators.

Picture a floating power station generating large quantities of electricity, hydrogen, oxygen, sodium, chlorine, iodine and many chemical elements combinations including, alcohol, drinking water and growing crystals.

Shipbuilding of floating power stations can be much less costly in many ways than power stations based on water turbine power by way of an estuary barrage.

Modular units of floating power stations may be flexibly linkable for clustering increased power generation and working processes capacity, as and when suitable.

For such as computer machines, that require cooling to avoid burn out, heat may be salvaged for use in part for chemical processes and/or computer machines heat may be dispersed by employing cooling effects drawn from the sea.

Manufacturing and storage methods that use sub-zero temperature effects, without using fluids/gases, may be available from a group based in England at Cambridge whose metals and magnetism process affords chilling technology worked entirely by electricity.

Certain sorts of high value products and processes may be worked with considerable efficiency on a floating power station platform because high value power may be generated and employed directly by way of very short transmission lines.

Extensive supplies of generated electricity from floating power stations may be delivered by way of transmission lines lodged on the sea bed and linked on land to supply electricity into national and international transmission grids.

current issues __ climate-change __ differences count in climate change matters

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