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    ____ see below
    __ __ 4 9 5 8 6 7 1 3 2 __ 2 9 1 8 5 6 3 4 7 __ 3 2 6 5 7 9 1 8 4 __ 7 4 5 3 2 8 6 9 1 __ 8 6 3 7 9 5 4 1 2 __   Headlines below      scrolling marquees graphic sectors figures updated every second

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_floating power stations_ 
       Xmas Cards 022b.jpg _energy matters_ 
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 if there is something that you have seen here _ and would like to know more about it _ then please do phone for more information ;
      _ coastal-bar-code.htm ( airships and moorings investments ) _____
    3% to Angels' portion Airships prospects on the up and up * _+4 -3_ +3 -1__+ 4 -1_ '_+5_ _6_ _7_ _ 8 _ _ 9 _ ______________
    helium stocks rise _ heavy metals fall _ * _ rising waters raises new issues _ spec futures moorings near or well above high tide * tent for rent new issue ____ S.Quibbley footnotes @ bottom-line         < index.htm ( home )  

                                                Plews-Lipsey's motto __"Time spent in reconnaissance, is time seldom wasted"     ______ from Conrad Fiedler (b.1841-d.1895) ". . . whatever deserves the name of artistic imagination can rise only from a creative process. The hand does not execute something which the mind could have formed previously, but rather the process in which the hand engages is a further stage of a single indivisible process. _____     __ and from Leonardo da Vinci (b.1452-d.1519)   Among the things I shall not scruple to deliver a new method of assisting the invention, which, though trifling in appearance, may yet be of considerable service in opening the mind, and putting it upon the scent of new thoughts; and it is this. If you look upon an old wall covered with dirt, or the odd appearance of some streaked stones, you may discover several things like landscapes, battles, clouds, uncommon attitudes, humorous faces, draperies, etc. Out of this confused mass of objects, the mind will be furnished with abundance of designs and subjects perfectly new."_______" A construction that one places on any matter tends to be partly dependent upon points of view, partly upon points of reference and partly other things. " ___ quote from Stephen Court _ Holmfirth _ 2007


   Artist __ available for session work, 
  own brushes __ [quote Box No: UC-0003]    


    Subheading creates predictable ironic mirth amongst
    Printers Chapel Members' response to 'news under threat'
    rumours storm in twitter community about 'STOP PRESS NEWS' subheasing.   Murmurs of "stop press news . . . says who ?"


    Sudden crisis of confidence in lawn tanks sector alerts shareholders in the early hours of the morning. Consortium chair declines to comment at this stage on individual cases although announced recent sightings of long expected fabulously hide bound independent enquiry. It was agreed, after discussions with company lawyers and press agency lawyers and some more lawyers, that "The report concerning grey areas in differences between garden ordinance and battlefield ordinance specifications is anticipated to appear in the public domain in due course according to plan."

    Rumours about interest levels in arts in critical discourse questionably proved significant in results from conference opinion poll showing artists and audiences quoted as 93.93% agreeing strongly that "it's fun" and another 3.07% smiled, asked about the question and then said "Do you mean your place or mine?"

    Close of day trading reports suggest Markets' rises and falls today as at about average levels of performance of divergence events for this time of the year. [see time base graphics above] Discretely embedded news of Minister's real name, including several titles and nick name from when at school, revealed by our under the covers correspondent in possible cover up after partial collapse of construction and aerospace group as hedge-funded assets experienced several bumpy landings last week. "Sleepy dogs .....What's new?" said top city analyst at Quibbley Assets Managements.

    Cross words overheard from Baker Street address, followed by reply of "...Alimentary, my dear! ... What's on?" __ "China tea-service ellipsis in eclipse predictable when sleepy dogs bark." remarked embedded medic.

    Church denies ecstasy at bishops' and actresses' reconciliations.

    Word-Search puzzles below and above and otherwise read as _ ' Mum's the word with band in mercy mission to redirect misguided literary holiday makers' [ Ed. Questionably ]
    ( Mum's the word or above in critical discourse mainly for starters)



    Salutations __ to Roberto from Stephen _ please send kindest regards with many thanks and best greetings to Jessica and other mutual friends. It went off all right on the night they say.

    Jack and Jill __ please do get in touch with fellow travellers for a probably surprising party at The Quibbley Hotel, to celebrate Mrs. Hudson's birthday, from teatime next Friday week. Bring partners and guests and a bottle or so if you like. White tie optional. Buffet refreshments. Carriages at 3.45am for 4am (R.S.V.P. by telephone to the usual number)

    Memorandum in memoriam __ Dear John, so sorry but what I mean is that this is not just a cryptogram, but rather more a cryptograph. I do love you, but so much virtuous reality is seriously boring. I thought for you too that it's about life and living it well. Please do forgive me for this ending, it's just another sort of intelligence, be lucky in life John, sincerely from Janet

    Mum is keeping well __ and says "Please smile for the cameras and remember to speak clearly when you are spoken to by others". She thinks that Janet could be colourfully minded if invited to the party, as so too could our old friend 'The Lincolnshire Poacher', who has some new numbers for the band, from Jill to Jack and the Band.

    Hi __ message to all who were at the Wizebird Creative Reading Festival. Remember me, the one with the weird hat? Did anyone else work out the relationship between Janet and John and Mrs. Hudson and The Lincolnshire Poacher, from the 'Develop your own plots at home later', afternoon session on the Friday? I've got an exam next month and I think it's in one of the set reading short essay questions. Search Engines come up with too many questions and suggestions for Janet and John, then when I keyed in Mrs Hudson and The Lincolnshire Poacher, it just brings me back to where I started, puzzled for cues. If any of you have any ideas then please text me at the number I gave you all. _ luv u _


    Wheel-barrow __ suitable as balcony plants container or similar __ [quote Box No: G20]


    Lawn-Tanks __ used, hardly maintained 'good runners' with kaleidoscope of all latest kinetic extras for delivering ubiquitous menace __ sold as seen cash and carry buyer collects on three wise monkeys terms _ no reasons given and no reasonable offer knowingly refused [quote Box No: SHS&RD-0001]

    Hedge-Trimmer __ kindly meant gift unwanted by dowser __ software includes management of hedgings and topiary programs __ easy to use software for you to see some amazing effects world wide during 24 hours of you first starting to play at the games console in World Markets _ comes with 'quick-learn' virtual market and cultural exchange tutorial pack including the poems of Rumi and Alfred Watkins' "The Old Straight Track" _ no reasonable offer refused to a charity of your choice __ ask for 'Bob Dowser' for URL to URL [quote Box No: SHS&RD-0002]

    Art collection __ due to re-locations we wish to swap some of our larger size artworks for some smaller artworks of equal value __ details in confidence via Quibbley Fine Arts, quoting where you saw this advertisement __ soonest _[quote Box No: SHS&RD-0004]

    Transport __ by solar, wind and alcohol powered helium lift airships for long-haul and short-haul flights. Associates seek others for launching capital further to draft version design notions __ Enquiries F.O.A. ALL Airships c/o Mrs. Hudson's, Baker Street [quote Box No:SHS&RD-0005]
    [see below, new penny shares in aviation logistics sector, under Merchant Banking _ Ed.]

    Recently separated __ lady seeks good home for ex-partner's parrot. Still young enough to learn to improve interpersonal skills. __ Possible trial period as paying guest to start with at first? __ A.S.A.P and mark S.A.E. with "F.O.A. Parrot@Janet's" [quote Box No: SHS&RD-0006]


    Design drawings __ for 'Ryanair' maximum hand luggage size case (external 54.5cm x 39.5cm x 19.5cm) in rigid lightweight flat corex with black gaffer tape fixings and custom trim with straps locations options notes included __ send SAE and 5 Euro bank note for supply of detail drawings and assembly instructions. Original artist's copyrights apply and so stylish 'artist/designer' branding labels are available, like postage stamps, for manufactures of multiples to certify royalties fees as paid. _It can also double as occasional seat, desk, portfolio, foot-rest, water carrier, pin-hole camera, picnic box, coffee table, portable pigeon coop, conceptual art conversation piece and other things too, but not at the same time __ [quote Box No: NFSOL-0001]

    Locations __ World wide mid-ocean and coastal, previously mapped as islands and now mapped as regions of shallow waters. View moorings and pontoons investments prospects by www.google-earth.com __ Postcodes at most of our moorings properties currently in suspension, so go by land locations map references shown on older World maps compared with new shallow waters locations shown in newer World maps. All enquiries about 'Viewers' Guides' and 'Guides Prices' should be addressed to Quibbley Estates Agents, quoting Box Number and marking the outside of envelope with senders name, address [quote Box No: NFSOL-0002]


    Creative Reading and all the Arts __ Wizebird Festivals will be going off at previous years venues and a new one too __ look out for listings programme of events, exhibitions, studio and museum locations adventures in the arts sessions, conferences, concerts stage events including reappearance of Jack & the Band followed with show case stage and outside venues gigs throughout the week long festival of the arts. Soup of the day and meals served 24 hours from the bars and restaurants. __ Reservations? Check it out with a friend and then check Google and compare results with other Search Engines for =0v0=wizebird/arts-festivals/ticket-office/good-deals __Camping and apartments arrangements by booking as futures. Moderately inexpensive per day tickets and full week tickets prices as real-time/day quote _ [*see top right of this page for lucky numbers] [quote Box No: H&CE-0001]

    Marine moorings __ Worldwide voyagers' locations for holiday cruisers or for those who might be seeking to expand floating interests and relax. All locations have pay as you go satellite communications bureaux for 'office address' use by term-residents and day-visitors. Container depots, refuelling depots, chandlers, marine and aviation engineers available. Replenish your vessels' drinking water with exactly the same as the famously bottled 'Quibbley Tap Water', as served from all moorings bars and pontoon restaurants __ details from Quibbley Maritime, Coastal and Freeport, estates agents in marina, shipping and logistics, pontoon assets holdings and floating power stations _ [quote Box No: H&CE-0002]

    Tent for rent __ see Marquees above _ [quote H&CE-0003]


    Aviation Logistic Ltd.Airships __ are pleased to announce launch of a new penny shares issue to develop facilities and logistics services to bridge current gap in freight and passenger transport charter sectors. "Faster than a ship and cheaper than a plane" said spokesperson John Hudson for the group now heading up Aviation Logistics Ltd.Airships "Moderately inexpensive per day to travel at cruising speed and taking a little longer to arrive allows for time to relax or work in comfortable surroundings. Travellers who are used to holiday cruises will feel 'at home' with ALL 'slow food' menus in flight meals served from restaurant adjoining promenade decks and lounge bars (smoking and non-smoking). Passenger and cabin luggage maximum weight combined up to 1 metric tonne. Freight containers as extras at pro rata charge rates. ALL services at a price aimed to suit those who can afford the time and pay a little less. _____ please contact your usual broker for details and dates for ALL airships futures, shares and bonds issues". _ [quote Box No: NMBFO-0001]


    Artist __ available for session work, own brushes __ [quote Box No: UC-0001]

    Autodidact __ usually relatively reliable, only one known previous lady owner, suit enthusiast, no reasonable offer refused _ ask for John [quote Box No: UC-0001]

    Skype __ compatible appointments diaries __ plus management including communications organisation as for professional, confidential matters and personal assistance__ ask with confidence for Janet, who speaks English, French and a little Spanish, multi-lingual texts translation by arrangement _ [quote Box No: UC-0003]


    Penguin __ reported found wandering near site of old Metropolis Zoo one Wednesday afternoon last year was never ever reclaimed. Still comfortably residing at the home of obituary column writer, but 'home-sick'. The penguin still enjoys going to the cinema for a treat and especially enjoys seeing any rather worn out old black and white films while pecking at an ice cream. __ Reliable contact wanted for visas and other documents for travel to Antarctica, under any flag __ soonest __ [quote Box No: W&F-0002]

    Pigeon __ fancier offers substantial reward for information leading to the webserver/s of falconer who has killed a carrier pigeon, stolen a USB memory stick together with a SIM card _ and now makes ransom demands! __ In these matters of most unfortunate circumstances involving hunting during the closed season, we invite actual witnesses to the catastrophe to quickly contact Jack & The Band, care of Quibbley Investigations and Administrations Services, as the appointed agents for Pigeon Post & Associates Inc. _ subject to safe return of said stolen items, pronto ! __ [quote Box No: W&F-0002]

    Many, many thanks __ to the kind person who handed in my mislaid hand luggage at Metropolis Lost and Found Property Office (black corex box case aprox. 54.5x39.5x19.5cms, as for maximum dimensions for Ryanair flight cabin hand luggage) _ Please do contact Quibbley Fine Arts, mentioning in confidence that you have heard from Dr.Watson about an allegorical oil painting on canvas showing a penguin, a pigeon and a parrot in conversation at a birthday party. _ [quote Box No: W&F-0003]


    Complimentary __ Periodic Table of Chemical Elements kitchen tea-cloth design, with acknowledgements [quote Box No: NFF-0001]

    Indexing __ word-search from your favoured Search Engine/s for developing new themes in creative reading and writing [quote Box No: NFF-0002]

    Reader __ word-search from your favoured Search Engine/s the word 'reader' and you may be interested to see what is available by way of transcription facilities for interpretations in creative reading and writing the word 'reader' [quote Box No: NFF-0003]

    ADVERTISING rates reasonable, trading terms legal, decent and honest, payment on the nail and/or slate as may be of best mutual benefit. scad=0v0=wizebird entirely reserve editorial rights and may decline or accept advertising material for publication, without question or explanation or overt response to unacceptable telephone calls with regard to advertisements placing in the gift of the caller and/or others or otherwise ___ caveat emptor

    N.B.__ Health Safety Warning ___ The publishers endeavour to maintain pretty good privacy and do not supply Cookies. The publishers cannot guarantee against tracking by 'Pseudo-Cookies floating about in the Physhing-Pond' __ see vanishing visitors phase books recommended leader story @ messages.htm __ depending on reader


    Disclaimer____ fictional references to such as 'tent for rent' and other items above, below or from any other point or points of view, should not be taken as being singularly or plurally relevant or pertaining to any matter or matters whatsoever or whenever or wherever or in terms of greater or lesser than 26 dimensions, nor by elliptical equations with or without factored prime numbers simultaneously envisaged. _ [although it is worthwhile to see Arthur A. Miller's references, published 2009, to 'cubism and relativity theory' __Click here for link information to Simon Singh's codes methods publication ]

    EDITOR'S FOOTNOTE by S.Quibbley
    Will honest Jack be rewarded and put in the picture about the hand luggage case?   If examinations in Creative Reading were to be made much easier and quicker to imagine, then it might 'help improve education results', very possibly to the highest degrees.   Take Degrees in Media Studies for example.   'Media' at one time meant a reasonable percentage for dealing in unimaginably colossal amounts of advertising space as notional 'futures'.   No one could actually know how much might ever possibly be created.   Not quite like carbon offset trading, because there was less interest in forecasts, fancy hedgings and lawn-tanks about in the past, or at least it seemed so then.   I learned on the job about things that would not be allowed to be taught in universities.   Fiction and non-fiction are inseparably telling the stories together through forms from recipes to rhetoric, from riddles to rhymes, from remarks to rumours, etc.   I would suggest that young people should be allowed much more time not to prepare for fewer exams, which should be very short exams indeed.   If in gods we trust and all others pay cash, then carrier pigeons keep safe and live well.

    Proclaimer ____ The Editor sends many warm salutations to all readers and non readers and proposes a toast "to life _ and living it well" ____ party on with "El Chan Chan" by The Sons of Cuba, Pio Leiva

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